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Partnership between Ethias and masana

8 healthcare players are testing an e-Health solution for home care

Innovation, service and people: three of the essential components of Ethias' mission combine within the framework of its partnership with Masana. This Belgian company offers a solution to the growing number of chronically ill and the aging of the population by allowing people in need of care to spend more time in their familiar environment. Today, alongside Ethias and Masana, 8 providers from the healthcare sector are meeting to kick off the test of the solution: the CHR Citadelle, Clinique André Renard, CHwapi and EpiCURA hospitals, the coordination centers of CSD and ASD home care, and the Solidaris and Vitatel remote assistance centers.


The well-being of people at the forefront thanks to innovative services

The well-being of people and their peace of mind are at the heart of all of Ethias' activities. This is why Ethias goes beyond insurance and invests in innovative services which make life easier for its customers and which will enable them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. masana fits perfectly into this approach, patients being able to recover in the comfort of their own home with their loved ones and the elderly being able to stay longer in their familiar environment.

More comfort for people requiring care and for caregivers

The chronically ill, people recovering after a hospital stay, or the elderly can all benefit from Masana's solution. The platform connects, via a simple application, the various providers of care and services to the patient, and thus makes it possible to optimize the collaboration and the monitoring of the people benefiting from home follow-up. In order to support them as best as possible, through their health agendas, they can, among other things, share their vital parameters, organize teleconsultations, exchange via the digital communication book or even check that the medication is being taken correctly. If the well-being of the patient and their close caregivers is at the center of attention here, masana will also simplify the work of health professionals.

The partners

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