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Our solution

Discover more !

Discover more !

Our solution

Notre solution

The exponential increase in the aging curve (18% is over 65), the growing number of people suffering from at least one chronic disease (1 person in 3), the financial difficulties of public service etc. are all reasons to adapt health systems.

Keeping beneficiaries in their living environment, thanks to a solution allowing multidisciplinary communication, is one of the answers for this change.

Masana has developed a complete, simple and secure ecosystem, with a transversal vision supporting beneficiaries, organisations and caregivers.


Who benefits from it ?

Qui en bénéficie


  • Elderly people

  • Patients with a chronic disease

  • People with disabilities

  • Patients in the context of hospitalisation at home

The organisations

  • Hospitals

  • Home care and home services

  • Mutual insurance companies

  • Medical practices

  • Tele-assistance centres


  • The family

  • The entourage

  • The neighbour

Use case

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Seniors

  • diabetics

  • Cardios

  • Pregnancies

  • Pneumos

  • ...


The Masana ecosystem

Two key words to describe our ecosystem: Transversal and multidisciplinary solution! It enables the linking of various care and service organisations with a view to optimising the coordination and monitoring of beneficiaries in their homes. Our ecosystem is aimed at the beneficiaries at the heart of the solution, and the care and service providers who work around it.

Our functionalities